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Tom Madden

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Thomas A. Madden is a fourth generation minister who grew up in a pastor’s home in South Carolina. He heard and accepted his call to ministry on youth night in a South Carolina Camp Meeting.  Rejecting a full scholarship to play college football, Tom immediately enrolled in Lee College to prepare for full time ministry.
After his graduation from Lee, Bishop Madden pursued and received a degree from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary.  Together, he and his wife, Charla, began their ministry journey.  While serving as Youth Pastor of North Cleveland Church of God, Bishop Madden birthed what is now known as Winterfest. This youth group weekend encounter for local youth groups has expanded and continues to impact young people across the nation. His love for youth would become the focal point and passion of his ministry. This would eventually take him and his wife, Charla, to serve in positions as State Youth and Discipleship directors.   They successfully served the Church of God in the Great Lakes region, Indiana, and back to denominational headquarters, where he served as Youth Ministries Coordinator.  In 2004, he was elected to the position of Assistant International Director of Youth and Discipleship. Ultimately, he was elected as International Director of Youth and Discipleship, where he served from 2008-2012. A frequent camp meeting speaker, Bishop Madden, had the high honor of preaching at the Church of God General Assembly in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1996.
At the end of his tenure as International Director of Youth and Discipleship, the Maddens were appointed as Administrative Bishop of the Delmarva-DC region for the Church of God, where they have lived and ministered for the past four years. Four years ago, Bishop Madden was honored by his peers when elected to the International Executive Council, where he has served with distinction.
His passion will always be the next generation. “It is my goal and mission to see that the next generation carries the DNA that birthed our church, while equipping and releasing them to go further and reach farther than previous generations ever dreamed. It is overwhelming the number of people who share with me their salvation experience and call to ministry while attending Winterfest. I want the fullness of that experience to be realized, and I intend to continue to map out strategies to see that this vision is fulfilled.”
Bishop Madden is married to his childhood sweetheart, Charla, who is a graduate of Lee University with an M.A in elementary education from Tusculum College. She has been an integral part of their ministry team. 
Tom and Charla have two children and four grandchildren. Their daughter, Crystal, and son in law, Kris, reside in Chattanooga where Crystal serves as head teacher of Redemption Kids School of Ministry.  Son, Chad, with daughter in law, Robin, also live in Chattanooga where Chad serves as the Video Director at Redemption Point Church in Chattanooga.
The Maddens bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.  They live out their ministry call with a biblical marriage, Christlike example, and passion for helping others.  More importantly, their love for God, each other, and His kingdom people, will be the driving force as they work with the people of North Georgia.  With God’s blessing and anointing, partnering together, great things can be accomplished for the kingdom of God. 

Tom and Charla Madden

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